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Google launches a new real-time data product for journalists

It’s been just over a year since Google announced its $300 million News Initiative, which included funding for independent journalism efforts along with products developed by Google. One of those products was News Consumer Insights, which has been used by publishers like BuzzFeed, Business Insider and Conde Nast. It takes data already collected through Google…

Local newspaper giant Gatehouse Media is quietly laying off journalists across...

GateHouse Media owns 145 daily newspapers in the US. Leon Neal/Getty Images GateHouse Media, owned by local newspaper giant New Media Investment Group, is quietly laying off journalists across the country. According to social media posts and sources close to the layoffs, at least 50 employees have lost their jobs this year at papers owned…

Tucker: Journalists love their Bezos bear

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Nuzzera is a news aggregator with a focus on independent journalists

TC Video 16 hours A news aggregator that has traditional media and also allows independent journalists a platform to publish their work.