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Supernatural recap: Jack goes toe-to-toe with Michael

<em>Supernatural</em> recap: Jack goes toe-to-toe with Michael

Well everyone, after a month-long hiatus, Supernatural is back and let me just tell you: It came back swinging. With no mention of dad’s recent visit, the boys jumped right back into doing what they do best and hit the road on a case. Which brings us to…

The hour opens in New Mexico, where a creature of some sort is making dinner … with human organs. And when he eats his victim’s eyeball, his own eyes turn into snake eyes and he can see the future. What he sees is Sam and Dean walking through the door of the home he’s in, which means it’s time for him to leave. So he grabs his pet snake Felix and hits the road. Moments later, the guys enter with Castiel and Jack — but why weren’t they in the vision? (More on that later.)

We come to find out that they’ve been chasing this particular monster for weeks, and even with Rowena helping them with a tracking spell, they can’t catch the thing — who by the way, has killed at least six men in New Mexico. When Rowena notices that the latest victim’s lips are black, she tells Jack to grab the snakeskin, and she and Sam hit the books. Rowena tries to inquire about how Jack is still alive (and seemingly fine) and how Dean is keeping Michael at bay, but Sam thinks it’s better to work the case in front of them. After all, staying busy and pretending things are fine is the name of the game for a Winchester.

Meanwhile, Cas and Dean are talking over coffee while Jack coughs up blood in the bathroom — and then uses magic to heal his own throat? Dean admits that the pounding in his head is constant and that he barely sleeps anymore because he can’t let his guard down for a second lest Michael escape. Before Jack returns, Dean reminds Cas that if they can’t find a solution, they have a plan b: “Coffin, ocean, done.”

It doesn’t take Sam and Rowena long to figure out what this new monster is, and they gather the guys for a briefing. When Dean compares it to an A.V. Club presentation, we get this amazing interaction:

Jack: “What’s an A.V. Club?

Castiel: “It’s a special group for people who do not play sports.”

Long story short, they’re hunting a gorgon, an ancient cursed being with an affinity for snakes and a hunger for human flesh. As for how the thing always knows when they’re coming, they can see the future by consuming human eyes (which we viewers already knew). And as we speak, the gorgon is doing just that to his next victim.

By the time Cas and Dean show up at the next crime scene, there’s a note on the dead body for Dean. It’s from Noah, the oddly innocent name of our monster, and Noah claims he can see Dean reading this note and he knows that Dean, the tall man, and the red-headed witch are chasing him. But he doesn’t mention Castiel, who’s currently standing next to Dean, or Jack. So this guy can’t see angels. That gives them an advantage. (Next: Jack takes on Michael)

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.

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