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Special Episode: ‘Melting Pot or Civil War?’ [122]

Special Episode: ‘Melting Pot or Civil War?’ [122]

Supreme Court Deals Unanimous, Welcome Blow to Administrative State in Frog Case

Unanimity is elusive in today’s America but the Supreme Court achieved it last week. Although the dusky gopher frog is endangered, so are property rights and accountable governance. Both would have been further jeopardized if the frog’s partisans in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) had gotten away with …

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The Wars to Come

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Dear Reader: The quickening is upon us. What I mean is that, while few people really have any clue what is going on, many are certain that It’s About …

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Robert Mueller’s Plan

Right after Special Counsel Robert Mueller racked up yet another guilty plea to a false-statements charge on Thursday, a friend asked me, “Doesn’t this destroy Michael Cohen’s credibility as a witness?”

Easier to destroy Satan’s conscience, I thought. Cohen would have to have some credibility before …

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The Battle over Conservative Masculinity, from Bush I to Trump

Significant moments frequently provide necessary reminders that history didn’t begin yesterday, that the raging debates of today are echoes of debates past, and that the fight to preserve virtue will never end.

So it is with the passing of George H. W. Bush.

One of the more puzzling aspects of modern …

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NPR Takes a Big Swing at Donald Trump Jr., Misses Badly

Earlier today NPR published a report entitled “Trump Jr.’s 2017 Testimony Conflicts with Cohen’s Account of Russian Talks.”

That’s big news . . . if true.

If Trump’s testimony is in conflict with Cohen’s new version of his 2016 contacts with Russia, then it raises the possibility that Donald

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Why Bush 41, a Great President, Won Only One Term

The passing of George H. W. Bush has brought forth a multitude of tributes praising his public leadership and personal virtue — to which I say “Amen.” Bush, in my opinion, was one of the great presidents of the 20th century. He has too long been overshadowed, first by Ronald Reagan, the great leader of the …

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Twitter Magic

The most ancient things have a sneaky way of surviving. Saint Brigid may or may not have been a real person, but her legend is substantially coincidental with that of the Celtic goddess with whom she shares a name, iconography, and memorial day — a pagan festival marking the first of spring, which adds an …

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