Home Entertainment Lindsay Lohan blasts Beach Club guests with champagne gun in exclusive clip

Lindsay Lohan blasts Beach Club guests with champagne gun in exclusive clip

Lindsay Lohan blasts<em> Beach Club</em> guests with champagne gun in exclusive clip

Lohan Beach Club: It’s where you go to get a tan, a man-on-man foot rub, and a face full of champagne courtesy of Lindsay Lohan herself (at least judging by EW’s exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s new episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club).

“Hey guys at the bar! We have a friend over here who really wants attention!” Lohan — microphone in-hand as she navigates the dance floor alongside superstar DJ Alesso at her seaside day club in Mykonos — shouts to a shirtless man dancing on the bar in the clip. “I think we need to give him a champagne shower!”

One of her associates proceeds to shake a bottle of expensive-looking bubbly and spray it all over the man’s body.

In a confessional, Lohan describes the moment as an example of the club’s “controlled environment where people can be happy,” which she wanted to create because her “biggest fear in the world is being judged.”

Later, Lohan’s business partner Panos savors the actress-entrepreneur’s wild side.

“She knows how to have fun, and today she wants to party,” he explains. “This is the Lindsay that I want people to see, and I think that because she’s known Alesso for a long time, she brings her attitude that everybody loves out. And I love watching her like this.”

Cut to Lohan sneaking around one of the club’s eateries with a bronze “champagne gun” tucked under her arm, which she then uses to send a stream of fizzy liquid cascading over unsuspecting guests.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club returns Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on MTV. Watch EW’s exclusive clip from the upcoming episode above.

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