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Is Manhunt your new Bodyguard? U.K. hit TV show is coming to U.S. airwaves

Is <em>Manhunt</em> your new <em>Bodyguard</em>? U.K. hit TV show is coming to U.S. airwaves

Will Manhunt become this year’s Bodyguard?

One of the highest-rated programs in the U.K. is making its way to U.S. screens this March 11 through Acorn TV, as shown in EW’s exclusive new trailer. If its viewership is any indication, Manhunt could end up being the next British hit here in the States.

Manhunt, which follows Detective Collin Sutton’s (Martin Clunes) investigation of a serial killer responsible for the murder of a French National, marks the highest-rated program for the U.K.’s ITV in the past six years, according to Deadline.

To put that in perspective, Broadchurch, the popular David Tennant detective series that spawned a U.S. reboot, was the last record-breaker for the channel in 2013. Also, Manhunt‘s numbers aren’t too far off from Bodyguard, which garnered 10.4 million viewers on BBC One as it hit Netflix and became a Golden Globe-winning series. Manhunt boasts 9 million viewers on ITV, including online watching.

Of course, the biggest difference here is the platform. After its ITV debut, Broadchurch received a resurgence of attention from U.S. bingers when it dropped on Netflix, which boasts 139 million paid subscribers as of this month’s letter to shareholders. The platform’s massive reach no doubt boosted the signal of Bodyguard, starring Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden. Manhunt will now debut on Acorn TV, which is on track to reach 1 million subscribers in early 2019, according to a rep. It’s not the same as Netflix, yet at the same time, it’s a leap from Acorn’s 820,000 subscriber count from this past June.

Manhunt is based on the real-life murder of Amelie Delagrange on Twickenham Green in August 2004 that was then linked to two other killings. DCI Sutton took over the investigation with no forensics, motive, or witnesses, but his team’s dedication led to suspected serial killer Levi Bellfield, turning the manhunt into a hunt for evidence to ensure a conviction.

Claudie Blakley of Granchester costars as Sutton’s wife, Louise. Marc Evans (Safe House) directs the series, which was written by Ed Whitmore (Silent Witness).

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