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Grey’s Anatomy recap: Meredith and DeLuca aren’t the only things heating up

<em>Grey’s Anatomy</em> recap: Meredith and DeLuca aren’t the only things heating up

Although I love the weird storylines that often define medical dramas, it’s always fun to see the doctors out of the hospital, away from their natural habitat. Especially when parties are involved. We get to see them in fancy outfits instead of scrubs. The ladies take time to style their hair. And the promise of good food, better booze, and sparkling conversation levels the playing field. It’s just a room full of adults celebrating the successful surgery of Dr. Catherine Avery.

At least that’s what Jackson hoped it to be. Instead, he navigates a stressful party while his mother is MIA getting drunk in the back of a limo with Bailey. He supervises his angry girlfriend, an actual fight in his living room, Alex’s mother, and a randy couple who sneak off to his guest bedroom. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, the emergency fire evacuation.

Problem #1 — Maggie

Remember the woman Kiki who came to Maggie because her heart was a dud? She’s the one who bullied Maggie in med school and was deemed “the worst.” Of course, Maggie came through. The procedure Maggie pioneered is going to be in a medical journal and is sure to bore colleagues to tears. Get this: Kiki wrote one, too. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s entertaining, gut-wrenching, and emotional.

Unfortunately, it paints Maggie as a supporting role to Kiki’s top billing. Do you know what else is unfortunate? Maggie’s party romper/onesie. It was a green monstrosity, which fits Maggie’s mood since she’s green with envy. She’s pissed that Kiki’s story is being praised when it’s Maggie who saved that life in the first place. There would be no story without her!

Webber steps in and tells his daughter to suck it up. It’s okay to be angry, but she needs to channel that energy into something. Perhaps she should write a new article that won’t induce drowsiness. Maggie agrees and all is well.

Problem #2 — Owen and Koracick

Owen and Amelia arrive at Jackson’s party in terrible moods. Betty’s parents took Leo away, so they decided that a soiree with all of their colleagues is exactly where they should go when both are teetering on the edge. It doesn’t help that they walk straight off the elevator and into a hallway make out sesh with Teddy and Koracick. Owen orders three fingers of whiskey when he hears that Koracick is taking Teddy to Palm Springs for a babymoon.

Owen broods and turns his feelings inward. Amelia broods and spews her feelings outward. They bicker over the fact that Betty and Leo were what kept them together. Now what? Owen blames Amelia for generalizing everything and Amelia straight up blames Teddy, who she claims Owen has been eyeballing all night.

He hasn’t been watching Teddy. He’s been watching Koracick. Especially after Jackson tells him that Koracick hit up April a few times and Webber reminds him that Koracick has always had a sweet spot for Catherine. Amelia throws in the towel and removes herself from this particular awkward love triangle. If a kid is what anchors Owen to his partner, what’s going to happen when Teddy has her baby? (Recap continued on next page)

Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.

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