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Grey’s Anatomy recap: It’s all about the genes

<em>Grey’s Anatomy</em> recap: It’s all about the genes

Don’t worry about the details. That’s the phrase I would use to describe this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s all about the details surrounding genetics, odd surgeries, and mood swings. And it all starts with a visit from Ellis Grey.

Yes, that Ellis Grey. She appears to Meredith in a dream and rambles on about family trees and vitamins. Meredith wakes up and scribbles something down in her handy bedside journal placed there for a time such as this. Then she spends the rest of her day in a lab trying to figure out what her mother was trying to tell her.

Ellis’ other daughter is across the hospital being interviewed by the hosts of a medical podcast. Maggie ticks through her accomplishments and the fact that she’s done so much at such a young age is mind-boggling to the hosts. One quips that she was born to be a surgeon and Maggie dovetails off that thought, laughing that it makes sense since both of her biological parents were surgeons. Ellis did this. Richard did that. She’s a genius. Don’t worry about the details.

Maggie looks up to see both hosts slack-jawed and she realizes what she has done. Everyone in the medical community now knows that she is the product of a love affair with Ellis Grey and Richard Webber. Meredith is fine with the news, but Richard is not. He doesn’t want people to know the part of his story that he would rather forget. A story that resulted in Maggie. Who is standing right there. Whoopsie.

Speaking of love affairs, things are heating up for Schmitt and Kim, until Schmitt’s mom calls. Kim is offended by Schmitt’s “shush” and sadly puts his shirt back on, annoyed that Schmitt is clearly ashamed of him. Is it that he’s a guy? Or is it his personality? Why won’t he tell his mom?

We don’t know because both run off to the same surgery, to which Schmitt is immediately bumped. Jo needs to be in an OR because she just lied to her husband that she had a surgery. Seniority rules and Schmitt is sent to the pit to work with Bailey.

Why is Jo lying to Alex you ask? Well, his mother is currently knitting countless big headed baby caps for their gender-neutral child who doesn’t exist. Don’t worry about it. Jo joins Link, Jackson, and Kim in a patient’s room who is a baseball player. He has cancer in his knee, so they are going to cut through his femur and half of his lower leg, take out the cancerous part, and sew his ankle in place of his knee before he’s fit with an orthopedic leg. Because that’s what they do at Grey Sloan Memorial. Did I mention that they turn the foot around in the opposite direction? Don’t worry about the details.

The baseball player’s mom is outraged that her son never told her he had chemo and was having the bottom of his leg upgraded to mid-thigh. Jo tries to talk her down, but the mother isn’t having it. During surgery, Jo starts spouting off about how kids are the worst and ruin the lives of their parents. Who would want that in their life? Cue Jackson reminding Jo that he has a kid and Harriett’s pretty great when she’s not driving him crazy.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.

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