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Black Lightning recap: Knightfall for Khalil

<em>Black Lightning</em> recap: Knightfall for Khalil

It’s been about a month since we last checked in with the Pierce family, but Black Lightning kicked off 2019 in the most brutal way possible.

Both Jennifer Pierce and her runaway boyfriend Khalil know that their journey can’t last forever. This really hits home for Jennifer when they break into Khalil’s old apartment and he gives her back a necklace of hers. Jennifer starts breaking down crying because this is obviously a very romantic moment but she doesn’t want to lose her virginity on the run in a dirty apartment while she worries about what’s going to happen to them and what her parents will think. Khalil assures her that’s okay.

Turns out, it doesn’t take long for Jennifer to find out exactly what her parents think of all this. In the last episode, her mother Lynn had a conversation with Khalil’s estranged father about his secret apartment. Lynn is able to hunt it down and find the place, while Jennifer and Khalil are still in it. Lynn doesn’t come face to face with them but she speaks as if Jennifer is there, and her daughter listens. Lynn says that it’s time to come home; there’s no end in sight for this journey if they just keep on moving.

The message resonates with Jennifer. Khalil has a lot more to lose by turning back, though. While Jennifer has her whole family to protect her, Khalil has no one who can save him from Tobias’ wrath. Nevertheless, he knows she wasn’t meant for the vagabond life, so he agrees to call this journey off.

When they reach the Pierce home, the first thing Jefferson says is that he’d beat Khalil if his family wasn’t around. But Lynn and Anissa are just glad to see Jennifer safe and sound. Now the situation becomes serious, because what is to be done about Khalil? They can’t allow Tobias to get him, especially since he’s now figured out that Jefferson is Black Lightning and Anissa is Thunder — why else would they pursue some random runaway girl so fervently (as we saw in an earlier episode, Tobias is coming close to making this connection, but might not be all the way there yet).

Jefferson declares that the only solution is for Khalil to turn himself into the authorities. Jennifer is opposed, but Khalil again takes it upon himself to make the hard choice and agrees. I don’t want to be a party-pooper here, but the Freeland Police Department basically worked for Tobias as recently as last season. There’s no way it’s still crawling with informants now that Henderson has taken over, right? There’s no way this can go wrong.

Right? RIGHT?

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