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Black Lightning recap: Death in the family

<em>Black Lightning</em> recap: Death in the family

Well, this was a heavy one. I thought Khalil was dead for sure as soon as Tobias ripped his spine out last week, but it turns out he was able to survive just long enough to make his actual death scene as sad as possible.

The whole Pierce family gathers at the Freeland hospital to watch over Khalil as he’s placed into a support bar. Everyone’s feeling bad, but Jefferson especially since it was his idea for Khalil to be placed into police custody in the first place. There weren’t a lot of options, but even so, you’d think that the result would shake Jefferson’s faith in doing things by the book. Khalil challenges him on this directly. When the boy says that he knows all kinds of information about Tobias’ routes and routines that could give Black Lightning an opening to kill his oldest enemy, Jefferson is reluctant and wants the system to take care of Tobias. But as Khalil says, this “system” is what let Tobias get away with ripping out his spine and killing Alvin Pierce. It’s kind of like a “is this your king?” moment, but more tragic and pathetic than epic and badass. When Khalil asks, “Can you make him suffer like me?” Jefferson finally says, “Yes.” Boy, I can’t wait to see where this leads.

Emotions are running high elsewhere in the hospital. The stress from Khalil’s condition starts getting to Jennifer, and she has a bad run-in with an obnoxious white woman in the parking lot. This woman immediately pulls out her cell phone to call the cops on Jennifer, and while she’s distracted, Jennifer lets off some excess electricity and blows up the woman’s car. I absolutely love this scene because it’s exactly the kind of thing I think has been mostly missing from Black Lightning season 2. Like the scene of Anissa destroying the Confederate statue in season 1, it takes a real-world trend (in this case, the recent series of white women publicly calling the police on black people for innocuous activities) and shows how the existence of black superheroes could alleviate it with some superpowered catharsis.

That said, Jennifer’s powers really are starting to spin out of control. Jefferson shuttles her into a supply closet at the hospital before anyone sees, but she’s radiating too much power even for him to absorb. Luckily, Perenna somehow shows up at the same time and talks Jennifer through it until she calms down.

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