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Arrow recap: The team struggles to work with the SCPD

<em>Arrow</em> recap: The team struggles to work with the SCPD

Arrow season 7 is currently operating in some murky territory. Team Arrow is part of the SCPD as Dinah and Mayor Pollard deputized Oliver and the rest of group several weeks ago, and now the show is trying to figure out what it looks like when a group of vigilante heroes becomes part of the police force. While these two parties share a common goal, their methods are remarkably different, so it’s reasonable to expect some messiness in this new and somewhat unholy union. And that’s exactly what we get in “Training Day,” which tries to make the sense of this current arrangement.

We begin with an inherently hilarious sequence that shows Team Arrow going through training at the SCPD because if they’re going to work with the police, they need to start doing things by the book. Of course, the montage makes it clear that’s going to be pretty hard for this group of capes, who are used to doing things their own way. You know, arrows through legs and breaking other bones (read: excessive force); using fear (read: torture); and hacking to gain leads and evidence (read: illegal searches). Pollard warns Team Arrow that this new setup is only on a provisional basis, and whether or not it lasts is dependent on how the heroes act. Despite the awkward adjustment period, Oliver is determined to make this new arrangement work because both he and Felicity want to create a safe world for their child. Stephen Amell easily mined the humor out of Oliver forcing himself to be agreeable.

The new Team Arrow-SCPD union receives its first real test when the Blackout Gang kills members of another gang using toxic, melting bullets. Felicity’s first reflex is to put the evidence into her mass-spectrometer and compare the results to data from all of the databases she’s hacked into. But, alas, she can’t. So they have to do things the old fashion way and wait for the SCPD machine to turn up a lead that the Blackout Gang will be involved in some weapons sale that night. So, Team Arrow suits up in police issued uniforms instead of their preferred leather and heads out with the SCPD to intercept the sale. Short story shorter: Team Arrow and the SCPD’s first joint mission goes terribly, and the Blackout Gang manages to get away.

In the wake of this failure, Dinah reaffirms to Pollard that she’s a captain first and Black Canary second, which annoys pretty much everyone else on the team. Seeing that Oliver is frustrated with the way things are going, Felicity tells him that he simply needs to show everyone that their way is better (warning: it’s actually not, because there’s a reason why police don’t act like vigilantes and have rules they must follow). So, Oliver throws on the ol’ green hood and confronts James Midas, the CEO of Midas Medical, the company responsible for making the toxic bullets. This goes terribly and Midas ends up being released because Oliver violated protocol (read: threatened to submerge his face in hydrochloric acid if he didn’t confess to his crime).

Even after this failure, Oliver and Felicity resolve to do things the old way and set up shop in the bunker, which has been repaired. When they bring Diggle in on their plan, he makes the point that going back to their plan will just lead to more chaos and they’ll actually end failing at creating the world they want for their unborn child. Oliver realizes Diggle has a point and invites Dinah to the bunker to apologize to her. Not only that, but Oliver admits that if this is going to work, both sides will need to make some changes.

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