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American Idol recap: Forget the tears, bring on the goosebumps

<em>American Idol</em> recap: Forget the tears, bring on the goosebumps

We are in it now, you guys. All the auditions are starting to blend together and I’m already counting down to Hollywood, but there are two things I know for sure: First, there’s got to be a few Top 10s in this group tonight, some of them are just too good. Second, as soon as I finish this recap I’m searching for Katy’s Lionel Richie t-shirt. Mama needs. So let’s get to the singing. I’m happy to report that there are fewer tears tonight (they’re not gone—they never are), but in their place, the judges are getting all kinds of goosebumps. It’s a welcome reprieve.

Ashton Gill, 20, Livingston, La.

“Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton

Well looky here, Ashton is friends with Laine Hardy. Remember Laine? The teen country singer with the great rasp. He fell short of the Top 24 last season—too many country boys and he seemed to lack confidence. But he’s here to support his friend and play a little guitar accompaniment. Ashton has a pleasant voice, but, as Luke points out, there are some pitch problems. Still, the country sweetness can’t be denied. She’s in. You know what else can’t be denied? The judges miss Laine and want to hear him sing, which he does, and he’s even better than any of us remembered. Whether this was staged or not, I don’t care, I’m ready to watch Laine Hardy make a real play for the Idol title. He’ll take that golden ticket the judges offer him, please and thank you. 

Austin Michael Robinson, 15, Van Alstyne, Tex.

“Your Man” by Josh Turner

Welcome to your uncomfortable moment of the evening in which a 15-year-old sings a song way too old for him and gyrates in Katy’s direction. Like so many teens I know, Austin Michael just will not enunciate. Stop mumbling, teens! It could almost cost you your trip to Hollywood. Katy’s a solid “no” here—she thinks Austin needs to let his voice mature a little. Both the guys are in, as long as Austin does a little work before the next round. And then he goes and lassos Katy and I don’t even know what show this is anymore. Just kidding—it’s always been bonkers.

Shawn Robinson, 21, Atlanta, Ga.

“Who You Are” by Jessie J

I don’t know if I don’t have my heat turned up enough or Shawn is just that good, but I got goosebumps the moment he started singing. It was sweet and pure and effortless. Katy is right, he seems like he has “joy inside” him and it is contagious. She still wants to see “another gear” but this is an easy ‘yes’ for all three of our judges. When Shawn’s mother and sister come in to celebrate Lionel starts crying, but honestly, what’s new?

Nate Walker, 18, Pittsburgh, Pa.

“Say Something” by A Great Big World

We’re getting a lot of flashbacks tonight. Nate Walker grew up singing with season 16’s third-place contestant Gabby Barrett. She can wail because Nate’s grandfather, who seems like a true delight, taught her. Obviously, Nate has some real talent too. The dude has runs for days. Years, even. Luke normally chides people for overusing runs, but they just work for Nate. His control is insane and the judges barely have to discuss this. When Lionel Richie calls you “anointed,” you know you’ve made it through to the next round.

Wade Cota, 27, Phoenix, Ariz.

“Blame It on Me” by George Ezra

Wade tells the incredibly heartbreaking story of how his family survived their abusive father and how he is doing this for his mom, who saved their lives, and then Wade opens his mouth and his voice is magic. This George Ezra song is a great match for him, but I bet this dude could sing anything and move people. When Katy asks him if he thinks he’s special (which, like, is a little aggressive, but okay), the former salesman simply says “I don’t think I should be selling stuff.” Oh, I’m excited about this one, you guys.

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